Countryside trip to Yorkshire

Whitby-Robin Hood’s Bay-Ravenscar-Scarborough

NOVEMBER 5-8 2013

Perfectly Quirky


I have probably seen this 4 min video at least 40 times in my life when I was busy doing procrastination. It is perfectly quirky and very happy.

This small skit can be found in the special features of the film “500 days of Summer”, a film I especially liked because it starred two actors that are among my favourites; Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel. This “Bank dance scene” -which has absolutely nothing to do with the film- is an enjoyable watch that features the both of them dancing to the fun song “Why do you let me stay here?” by She & Him, the group/band that Zooey sings in! Their music is definitely worth a check out.

“The universe i…


“The universe is, instant by instant, recreated anew. There is in truth no past, only a memory of the past. Blink your eyes, and the world you see next did not exist when you closed them. Therefore, the only appropriate state of the mind is surprise. The only appropriate state of the heart is joy. The sky you see now, you have never seen before. The perfect moment is now. Be glad of it.”

― Terry Pratchett

My all time favourite quote

Cadbury World in Bourneville Birmingham


Cadbury World in Bourneville Birmingham

For the Choco-holics who dream of a chocolate life in a chocolate world where one drinks from chocolate fountains and breaths cacao oxygen, Cadbury World in Bourneville probably comes as close as it can get.

When arriving at the Bourneville train station, direction signs and all stairway banisters are coloured in the familiar deep purple that sparks the chocolate association in probably all children in Great Britain.

Following the signs, my family -who came to visit for the weekend- a friend of mine and I circle the Factory toward the main entrance, breathing in a stronger inhalation of chocolate air with every step. It smells so strong one can almost taste the chocolate without actually eating it. (Véry low calorie chocolate-diet anyone?)

In anticipation for the doors to open, an increasingly larger group of chocolate-curious people assemble for the first tour of the Sunday to start. Inside, we’re instructed to the beginning of the tour where we’re immediately handed 2 bars of Cadbury’s. This I found very smart considering the fact that when you’re visiting a chocolate, ice-cream, candy whatever factory, children’s -and secretly also the grownups- first impatient question is “when do we get to try the chocolattee?”. I can tell you, if there is one thing not to worry about during the visit to Cadbury’s, it’s whether you’ll get enough chocolate. Once even the most eager chocolate eaters have finished their chocolate bars, a person in purple uniform will already be standing at the ready to replenish your just-finished stock.

The tour is of good length, involving a good mix of films about the history of the brand, the formation of chocolate and some entertaining skits. As much as it is quite a commercial tour (i.e. if you don’t really know what Cadbury is to begin with, you’ll be brainwashed into finding it absolutely amazing by the end of it) you really learn a lot about the brand and chocolate in general as well. Furthermore, there are chocolate drawing workshops, sneak-peaks into the actual factory and a lot of areas with interactive games and screens, especially fun for children. The oldschool Cadbury commercials are also shown across the tour and add a romantic nostalgic touch to something that seems so shiny and new. The tour, naturally, ends with an enormous chocolate shop where you’ll probably be tempted to start your lifetime supply of this brown gold. Once outside, the chocolate stained oxygen that initially smelt so appealing will now be a tease for your gagreflex. Only joking;) but I did find it quite sickening by this point. No more chocolate for me for a longgg while I thought. Yet, later that day I was contently munching away at my Wispa bar anyway.

Overall a great activity, not to be missed when visiting Brum!

Small hats to groove it up with your egg


Small hats to groove it up with your egg

Hats. Another one of my favourite things! Be it small hats, be it big hats. With this small hand-made egg warmer hat made by Donkey products, my egg and I are partners in crime with our matching outfit.

For more Donkey product egg warmers, click the following link:

Hats are not only fashionable and fun if you have a hathead (i.e a head that looks good or sometimes even better with a hat opposed to without), but they help retain a great deal of our body heat as well. So if you expect your egg to be the best breakfast it has in its’ potential, or if you want your head and brain to be your friend during intensive work, give them the warming they deserve!

Less of a problem for the eggs and the bald, but with removal of hats, take care of hathair (the result of particularly unflattering dull and flat looking hair after long periods of wearing hats).


Boston Tea Party in Birmingham


Boston Tea Party in Birmingham

“Breakfast for Champions” is a must in this hotspot on Corporation Street. The Boston Tea Party (BTP) is a relaxed hangout for either a quick coffee and snack, elaborate lunch or breakfast, or the renowned English High Tea. The black and white tiles combined with the wooden bar, visible metallic ventilation tubing, and low-hung lighting make for a comfortable industrial vintage interior.

The dishes taste as good as they look, prepared with great care and an obvious eye for detail. BTP also focusses on fresh and fair products, emphasizing their usage of free-range eggs and meats.

– the pancakes (see picture)
– the afternoon tea; a selection of delicious cakes (I especially liked the carrot cake, om nom nom), sandwiches and a massive scone with jam and clotted cream
– the bagels (either the cream cheese to Keep It Simple Stupid, or the avocado, spinach, hummus, pine nuts..Amazing!)

BTP is not only pleasant for meeting up with friends, it’s also a good place to get down on some more serious stuff. Like homework. The sofa’s, tables and many plugin facilities paired with chilled music that isn’t put too loud form a pleasant, if not inspiring work environment. Enjoy.